Hey there folks, my name is JohnnySHIH.
Thanks for visiting my gallery. I hope you had a look-see and liked what you saw.

I love type and I love design. This site is here to show you graphics I've created in the past.
Some are more elaborate than others, some are more collaborative than others. Either way,
everything here started out in my head, then realized on paper, fabric and other media.

I am a creative professional lucky to have a hand in various projects for retail, consumer & home goods,
fashion, communications, sports & entertainment, political, and non-profit sectors.

I am available for freelance work anytime, and I would love for you to reach out to me.
This is how I make a living, so please get in touch and let me show you what I can realize for you.

OK, johnny


email me here
729 Humboldt Street
Secaucus, NJ 07094